Bound by Starlight is the website of Scottish landscape photographer Stuart McIntyre.

Stuart prides himself in taking unique images of Scotland at night.

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The Eye Over The Loch




The Eye Of The Universe

It is rare for this part of the Milky Way to be visible in Scotland. When it is visible, it skirts around the horizon making viewing conditions hard due to atmospheric haze I was lucky to see in on this clear night, as well as to catch it with two satellites passing.


The Pro Mounted Print is ideal for a sleek wall piece that subtly floats off the wall as it come with a hidden wooden sub frame for mounting, it is lightweight. The photographic print is sealed with a matte laminate and is designed to last for over 100 years if stored properly



The framed photograph is the same as the mounted photo, but with the addition of an inset into a custom made wooden tray frame with an 8mm surround creating the illusion that it is suspended within the frame. It has a matte finish and the print quality is designed to last for over 100 years if stored properly.

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