Bound by Starlight is the website of Scottish landscape photographer Stuart McIntyre.

Stuart prides himself in taking unique images of Scotland at night.

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Bound By Starlight is a website of a landscape photographer Stuart McIntyre.
He prides himself on taking truly unique images of Scotland at night.


Ultimate Photography

The sky’s the limit

I’ve always been fascinated by the night sky. The infinite stars, the ethereal Milky Way, the dancing Aurora Borealis – even the humble moon. There’s something about the cosmos that captures the imagination in a way the more common daylight vistas cannot compete with.


Bound By Starlight is my astronomy and night sky photography project – I specialise in capturing Scotland’s most breathtaking landscapes, framed by shimmering stars and vivid nebulae.


As the sun sets, most photographers pack up and head home. I do the exact opposite: venturing out when it gets dark, trekking to remote locations where the light is at its most limited. It takes research and patience to capture stunning nightscapes, but – as you’ll see – the results are worth it.

360° Galleries

Sometimes, a still photograph just doesn’t do a setting justice. Meticulously stitching images together allows us to produce 360o views of Scotland by night, thus allowing the viewers to fully immerse themselves in a landscape too.


About Stuart

Bound By Starlight is what started out as Stuart’s hobby and his passion quickly became his ultimate obsession. Photographing the nighttime sky set in the backdrop of gorgeous Scottish landscapes isn’t what he’d call photography, but a grand adventure – join him in discovering the exceptional beauty of it all!


Robert J.

These images are really spectacular! I can't stop staring at them!

Jessica M.

Great shot the exposure is perfect and the lack of noise is impressive. I'm jealous!

Gareth S.

Absolutely stunning image, from an amazing photographer. The universe, in all its glory, really is spectacular.

Emma K.

Absolutely breath taking!!! Just wish I was there in real life - magical!!!

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Calendar & other prints

You can use a high-quality print to decorate an empty study wall, but we think there’s much more to Bound By Starlight prints and calendars. Whichever shot you choose to print and frame, and wherever in your home or office you place it, it can be a constant reminder of what a gorgeous corner of the Earth Scotland is.

All of our prints are mounted and ship ready to be hung on your wall, no matter which size you purchase. So we hope that you find exactly what you’re looking for in the Bound By Light store and let our special calendars and prints inspire you for an adventure of your own!


Workshop 1-on-1

Nighttime photography is a very special skill to have and there’s a fair amount of specialist knowledge that you need to gain to capture the delicateness of the night. If you’d wish to learn how to get the best nightscape images possible, you can book a 1-on-1 workshop with Stuart – he’ll let you in on a few secrets on how to produce stunning night landscape imagery.

Travelling in a 1976 Land Rover, amicably called Starbug, you will travel to the Argyll or the Galloway regions, to seek the most striking landscapes to hone your nighttime photographic skills. It will all be done under close supervision, of course, so when you are ready for your next adventure, book the 1-on-1 workshop and become an expert in taming the feeble night lights. And don’t forget to bring coffee!