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Stuart prides himself in taking unique images of Scotland at night.

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March 2020

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I'm sure that your week will have been similarly effected, I do hope that you are safe, well & coping. I will not lie this week has been a tough with this Virus effecting our lives in all sorts of aspects, its been more stressful than I can really remember anything being. It also effected my daughter Jessica quite a lot as her project was "knights & Castles" she enjoys school far more than I ever did which makes me happy to see. Her school project was to make a sword and shield, being a bit nerdy like her father we

I’ve always had a love for the watchtower at Dun na Cuaiche, in the grounds of Inveraray Castle, so it had to be one of my first subjects when I started trying to capture deep space objects. I needed to calculate the precise time that the North American Nebula would rise behind the tower - that turned out to be 12.36am. Now that I had the time, I could calculate the precise coordinates of the location where I needed to stand. Drawing a line on the map led to the bathroom window of Inveraray Castle! Tthey very kindly gave me permission to set up

  This is Lindisfarne Castle on The Holy Island of Lindisfarne. This was one of the most satisfying moments of my astro-photography career. It is a seriously awesome place to visit, At low tide it is more or less part of the main land. then the tide comes in and floods the causeway making it a genuine island! :) Crossing the causeway does need some care you need to make sure the tide times are low so that the North sea does not give you a courtesy car wash! I don't know if you know how difficult it is to get out the door when you

This is the Orion Nebula and the peak of Buachaille Etive Mor. Dougie over at Leading Lines Photography had talked about the idea of taking this photo together however our schedules never met up sadly. I first took this photo on the 29th of October. I was not happy with the data I captured which was really frustrating as Transport Scotland had shut the road over night so the light pollution was exceptionally low. So I returned on the 8th of November to take more images, Then the moon cam and did its thing and then Dougie got his chance at a