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A Sword With No Destiny

I’m sure that your week will have been similarly effected, I do hope that you are safe, well & coping.

I will not lie this week has been a tough with this Virus effecting our lives in all sorts of aspects, its been more stressful than I can really remember anything being. It also effected my daughter Jessica quite a lot as her project was “knights & Castles” she enjoys school far more than I ever did which makes me happy to see. Her school project was to make a sword and shield, being a bit nerdy like her father we decided to make “Sting” from the Hobbit, If you don’t follow Tolkien Sting will glows blue when it is close to Goblins (Or cheeky little brothers!), So we had spay painted the blade with blue glow in the dark paint. However now that the school is closed she never got to complete the project and she is upset about that. ( the shield is only half made a loosely inspired by CS Lewis).

When Thursday came and the forecast was for clear skies for the first time in months I just didn’t know what to do. my head is usual a mess with ideas. I just did not feel creative at all, just drained. So I decided to just take the family stargazing and return to one of the first spots that started it all.. Butter bridge on the A83. The cold was a bit to much for David so he stayed with mum. Jessica had taken Sting with her we took a photo where she pointed Sting at Venus. However while I was taking one of the longer exposures I saw her behind me just sitting on a rock quietly examining her sword and thinking things over. I quietly stopped the exposure and took this photo instead.

If you want to buy a print of any photo from my existing portfolio from me then I would love it if you got in touch. I’ll be updating the online store in the upcoming days when the kids give me a chance but just drop me a message with which image is your favourite and I’ll get included. I’ve also got about 30 calendars left if you suddenly want to get on-board with 2020. I for one am fed up with 2020 so far.