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Neil Munro monument

So sometimes Photographers are really secretive about their locations and sometimes I’m no exception as I love to inspire but don’t like being copied…. However this one is the exception. Its the Neil Munro monument… Now wait don’t just google Neil Munro right now.  I know none of you have photographed this place… Or even visited. The path Is overgrown with really Thick ferns and has become at risk of being hard to find due to lack of use, (Warning tick heaven). So here is what I say. Get up there and go and read the plaque at the top of the hill for your selves! Its north of I=nveraray before you get to Kilchurn. Lets get the path worn in again! I’ll leave a map coordinates in the comments.

I guess I should also talk about the two mega bright streaks in the sky. The are satellites. now I was really worried about the reports of the brightness from SpaceX’s 60 new satellites, so you can imagine my panic when i saw how bright these where…. However I had forgotten that if you look at the sky shortly after dusk. the sun is no longer illuminating the ground however it is still shining directly onto any satellite in orbit. So after about 30 minutes the sky dimmed and I felt like a numpty for panicking so much!